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Hello and welcome to my homepage! Here I try to provide up to date information about myself. I'm PhD candidate of Mechanical Engineering at UBC. My supervisor is Professor I. Frigaard , one of the directors of Complex FLuids Laboratory. I was born in the beautiful city of Nahavand in western part of Iran and grew up in Tehran.


2011-present:   PhD candidate of Mechanical Egnineering, UBC - Vancouver, Canada

2007-2009:       M.Sc. in Mechanical Egnineering, Sharif University of Technology - Tehran, Iran
2003-2007:       B.Sc. in Mechanical Egnineering, Sharif University of Technology - Tehran, Iran

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My main field of research has been in FLuid Mechanics, particularly Non-Newtonian fluids.
For a quick list:

Both numerical simulation and analytical studies are used, with more emphasis on simulation as valuable tool for gaining insight about the flow. I've found it very useful to learn a little bit about software engineering principles (e.g. cohesion/coupling) before starting to write a big in-house code developement.

Currently I'm mostly working with these softwares:

sharif Rheolef: A very nice and high performance FEM library. The main thing I like about this library is that programs are really short. You can write a full Stokes flow solver with 20 lines of code.

sharif Matlab: I use it mostly for doing visualization and processing of my simulation results

sharif Pelicans: A FEM/FVM framework. The main advantage of this frameworks is that it supports both FEM/FVM. In addition it comes with many useful applications. For example you can find LES, free surface, ... modules