Welcome to my webpage. I am a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at the University of British Columbia. I work in the CARIS Lab researching human-robot interaction. I am particularly interested in the development of intelligent robot assistants that can work alongside and physically interact and cooperate with human workers. This work includes mechatronic hardware design, robot control software, and user studies to obtain feedback from non-expert users.


  • Bachelor of Engineering (electrical), McMaster University (2000)
  • Master of Science (computing science), University of Alberta (2002)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (computing science), University of Alberta (2009)

If you would like to visit my former webpage (no longer maintained) Click here.


Dr. Chris A. C. Parker

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, UBC

2054-6250 Applied Sciences Lane

Vancouver, BC

Canada, V6T 1Z4


email: parkerca -at- ieee.org


  • NEW! Apr., 2012: We are seeking adult subjects to participate in a robot-tuning study. Click here for more information.

  • Jan., 2012: I will be at ICRA 2012 in Minneapolis/St. Paul from May 14-20 presenting a paper. Minnesota this spring!